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A group of believers met in the Hillcrest School on February 9, 1958 to begin Emmanuel Baptist Church. They had left a larger city church because they believed the major foundational teachings of the Bible that distinguished them as biblical and fundamental in doctrine. They agreed with the historic tenets that made them Baptists in name and practice. They were committed to proclaiming the whole gospel to the whole world and were marked as being evangelistic.

The church met in various area schools until December 1962. Under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Maurice Fletcher and assistant Melvin Reed, worship services, prayer services, youth meetings, sports activities, and choir rehearsals were crowded into Sundays and Tuesday evenings. There was great rejoicing when they were able to occupy their own facility on the present site in 1962.

With a vision for evangelism and missions, the ministry continued to grow under Dr. Reed’s leadership. By 1970, it was apparent that additional expansion of the facilities was needed. A larger auditorium, additional offices, and Sunday School rooms were added to provide for increased ministries that included a bus ministry, vacation Bible schools, regional Bible conferences, and annual evangelistic services. Roger Rosenau, Dan Budgick, and Mark Reed assisted Dr. Reed in the ministry during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In 1974, Emmanuel Baptist Christian School was begun with eighty-one students. For twenty years the Christian school was an integral part of the church ministry.

Kelvin Ironside was called as an assistant pastor in 1993. Following a period of illness, Dr. Melvin Reed resigned his long-term ministry and in 1996 Pastor Ironside became the Senior Pastor. Under his leadership, biannual Maritime youth retreats were begun as a special help to teens.

With the resignation of Pastor Kelvin Ironside in the spring of 2000, Tim Friesen came from his role as national representative of Baptist Mid-Missions to become the pastor.

Under the excellent leadership of Pastor Friesen, Emmanuel Baptist Bible Institute was formed in the fall of 2001.  He continued as pastor until God called him to Regina, Saskatchewan in 2012.


In June of 2013, Pastor Robert Payne was called to be pastor of Emmanuel.  God called Pastor Payne away in the fall of 2017 to shepherd a church in Danbury, Connecticut.


The church then called Pastor Joel Eastwood in December of 2017 to lead them and he continues to faithfully shepherd the church.


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