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Emmanuel Baptist Church exists as a “Gospel Ministry.” We believe it to be our commission to preach the good news to everyone that eternal salvation is found in Jesus Christ. We regularly provide opportunity for individuals to respond to the invitation of the Gospel.
We encourage every believer to discover and use the spiritual gifts given to them at the moment of their salvation. These gifts are for the purpose of bringing friends and acquaintances to Jesus Christ for salvation, strengthening the ministries of the church, and building up each believer in Christ.

Every attempt is made to reach into the community with the “good news” of Jesus Christ through various means. Our responses to calls of distress or difficulty are accompanied by a gospel presentation.
Where it is not possible to minister directly, this congregation prayerfully supports doctrinally compatible, equipped, and called men and women as missionaries to carry out the Great Commission in the areas of the world that otherwise we could not impact.

Image by Aaron Burden
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