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Jungle Journey

Today was a day we will not soon forget. It all started early as we loaded into buses at 7:30 am to head to the dock. Then we loaded unto boats and headed out to the Amazon to experience one of the most unique parts of God’s creation. We saw and ate fish we had never seen before; we had lunch at a floating restaurant (they have entire villages that are built on large logs that float up and down with the rise and fall of the Amazon during the year); we walked on a platform in the canopy of the rain forest and saw monkeys, a toucan¬† and other jungle wildlife, and we swam in the Amazon with pink fresh water dolphins! Needless to say we were overwhelmed with the diversity of what God has made. Our day on the Amazon concluded with learning about the production of rubber from the rubber trees in the Amazon. While most rubber is now synthetic, natural rubber is still used for its superior flexibility and grip, most notably on airplane wheels. They say you learn something new everyday but today makes up for at least a week of learning for us. The Amazon is such a diverse and unique place.¬†

While exploring God’s creation is always a worshipful time of recognizing our powerful and wise creator, the most powerful learning experience was in the evening service. I had heard that Dr. Roseneau was going to speak about the persecution of christians in the CAR so Pastor Jacob, Tara and I took nursery duties to allow the team to hear the presentation. They were all deeply impacted by the faith and courage of the christians who are dying for their faith at the hand of Islamic extremists. One story was of a Pastor who had a man enter his church and kill 28 people. He did all the funerals and then was taken out to be shot but God spared his life. The team was inspired to live boldly for Christ no matter the cost and be thankful for the peace and freedom God has granted us for now.

God Bless from the Amazon,

Pastor Eastwood

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