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Cross-cultrual Ministry

Our cups are running over with the joy of serving the Lord! It all started Saturday afternoon with kids club when 17 children showed up including 2 brand new visitors. 1 of these was a boy named Wellington who we met as we canvassed the streets. Not only did he come to kids club but he came back to evening service and raised his hand for salvation during the invitation. Terry was able to talk with him afterwards and we are praying that he will make a firm decision for Christ soon. He was so excited to come back to church yesterday that he showed up at 6:00 am! He came for both services and told us (in Portuguese) that he would miss us when we went back to Canada. He was just one of so many that we grew to love: pray with us for this precious soul. 

The services yesterday were truly a rich blessing as we sang gave testimony and preached the glorious good news of Jesus Christ! What a privelege to hear believers sing praises to Christ just like we do except for in a different language. It made us think of the joys of heaven when all tribes, nations and tongues will worship around the throne. Sunday night was a special blessing as 76 people attended the service with 5 first time visitors! Pray that they will continue to come and most importantly come to Christ.  

After service, we enjoyed Brazilian pizza with the Carruthers (including Laura (EBBI alumni), Bethany and Michael who came to visit for the weekend.) The pizza here is quite unique with toppings that include boiled eggs,  peas and corn. After a few games it was time for bed and rest to get ready for the next step in our ministry journey as we head to Manaus this morning. We are looking forward to all God has for us and rejoicing in what he has already done!

God Bless from the Amazon,

Pastor Eastwood

5 Responses so far.

  1. Ron Ruse says:

    So is everyone warm enough?

  2. Wendy Burrill says:

    Love following your steps there. I Praise God for all the wonderful things you are experiencing. Thank you for sharing updates and pictures!! May God cause you all to Love Him more because of this trip.

    Love in Christ,
    Wendy Burrill

  3. Audley Black says:

    Continue to pray that God will give you a fruitful ministry!

  4. Rob Friars says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey team!
    Praise the Lord for the opportunity, can’t wait to hear more about it.