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Amazon Adventures

It is hard to put into words the beauty of God’s creation here in the Amazon. Lush green trees bear fruit all around, cocunuts, acai, bananas and various other new varieties that we have enjoyed trying for the first time. This morning we enjoyed cupuacu juice and jam. Yum! The warm temperatures that produce all the lush foliage also bring a rich and and interesting array of wildlife; including a group of Macaws that came in to perch last night near the Carruthers: beautiful but noisy we discovered. We were blessed to spend some time exporing the jungle and a beautiful set of waterfalls. All of it points to our amazing creator and made us think about the fact that if such beauty is cursed by sin imagine the glories of heaven! 

We did get ministry work done yesterday and this morning as well. We spent the evening planning for the special evangelistic services tonight and tomorrow and then this morning we walked the streets around the church inviting people out. It amazed us how warm and receptive people were as they chatted and accepted our invitation. We even had a neighbourhood child join us and begin passing out our invitations for us! An interesting difference from home is that there is no knocking or use of a doorbell: instead you stand outside the door and clap. Please pray with us that our efforts will bear eternal fruit as people come to hear the gospel. We are looking forward to all God will do at the children’s club at 3, the special evangelistic service at 7:30 tonight and the 2 regular services tomorrow. 

God Bless from the Amazon,

Pastor Eastwood

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